US Stock Market Update Stock Market Update USUS Market Update 2020  US Stock Market Update PalladiumIssued a major buy signal on Palladium on Dec 1999 and closed our positions on Dec 2000. Bullion traders made approx 330% in gains, while futures players took in profits that were well over the 1000% range; in some cases, traders locked in as much as 5000%. Went long Bonds beginning of 2000 and closed positions towards the end of May 2003, this simple stress-free technique yielded over 40% in gains. US Stock Market Update on GoldTook our first positions In Gold at the end of 2000 and then kept adding to positions from Nov 2002 to April 2003. Many of our initial stock positions went up over 400%, some in excess of 600%. Bullion Traders Alone made over 50%. Some of the stocks we recommended were ,GSS,CAU,CBJ,IAG,MFN,CDE,PAAS,HL,GLG,WHT,BGO,APLL,MNG,GOLD, etc In November 2002, we became extremely Bullish on the South African Rand, A simple conversion of dollars to Rand yielded almost 100% profits by the end ofContinue reading »

What is my socioeconomic status socioeconomic status and educationsocioeconomic status categories socioeconomic status scalesocioeconomic status and health A key sign of financial health is savings; if one does not have a decent amount of money tucked away for a rainy day it is a sign that all is not well. Americans have a very hard time sticking to a budget; compared to their Asian counterparts, Americans are undisciplined when it comes to saving money. This is reflected in the startling revelation that over 62% of Americans do not even have $1000 in savings. Foreigners are shocked when they find out that Americans have so little money saved for a rainy day. In terms of savings, America is worse than many developing nations and in fact, the middle class in many third world countries have more money saved than the average middle-class family in the US. “It’s worrisome that such a large percentage of Americans have so little set aside in a savings account,” said Cameron Huddleston, a personal finance expert and columnist forContinue reading »

market manipulationmanipulation of the marketswhat is market manipulation  Market Manipulation; It’s not going to stopOver the course of the years, we have repeatedly stated (though probably not as much as many would like us to do) that companies use share buybacks to manipulate earnings. In the past, this gambit was not as prevalent as it is today. Currently, companies borrow money in contrast to using the cash they already have to repurchase their shares and use this modern form of alchemy to turn losses into profits or make modest profits appear to be spectacular in nature. This bull has yet another bullock’s reason to run higher. We are now in the paradigm of lies and deceit. What thrives in such conditions? The truth; come on you know better than that. The answer is BS, with a capital B. The main thing driving this market higher is pure BS, and BS is based on what, alternate reality. This is something the masses do not want to fathom or refuse to fathom.Continue reading »

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