SQL Tutorial SQL stands for Server Query Language. SQL is widely used for querying database. Database is a big topic; we are not going to cover everything in this tutorial. Here you will learn basics commands for manipulating databases. What is database ? Database is a place where we store data. Each and every computer and server application needs a database to store their data. Data are stored in the form of Tables. Database contains huge number of tables, and under each table there will be tons of records. By combining power of scripting language and database, we can build powerful applications. Database Tables: All data in the database are stored in the form of Tables. Each database has one or more tables and under each tables there will be huge number of records. Each table is identified by unique name. Here is the example table. Table Name – “StudentsDB”. ID Name Age Grade 1 John 18 A 2 Paul 19 A 3 Jesse 18 C 4 Jenny 18 BContinue reading »

C Tutorial C is a very popular and old programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C is mainly used for developing system software. It also been widely used for developing application software. Here you will learn basics of C Programming language. System Software and Application Software: There are two types of software, which are system software and application software. Operating systems are System Software. Eg: Microsoft Windows, Unix,etc., Inside Operating System, we will have lots of software for doing different tasks. Those software are called as Application software. Eg: Adobe Photoshop, Apple iTunes, etc. C is mainly used for building system software. Most of the big operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, etc., are developed using C language. As the popularity of C got increased, it is also been used for developing application software. Is C is easy to learn? Yes, C is very easy to learn. Most of the peoples who enter programming field will start their programming journey with C because of its easiness. AndContinue reading »