It’s me again and i would like to share with you my success story!  I would like to thank you all for contributing to this amazing forum, because if i didn’t find it, nothing of this would have happened. So, let me start…  Introduction & more details about me Back in 2008, i was still in school. I was bullied from most of the kids, i was really poor, only one of my parents was employed getting a monthly salary of just 200 euros (believe it or not, this still happens in most of the ex-Yugoslav countries where i live). We did not have a house and we were living in the house that was left from my grandparents, together with my 3 uncles. We only had 1 room. I did never go out because i did not have money, but i had a computer so i played computer games online every day, like 8 hours a day for years. I wanted to “show off” so i got into GraphicContinue reading »