Taxi dispatch system. taxi booking software. taxi web designTaxicloud is a online taxi booking software for transport companies enabling them to take online bookings and to manage their business online with an all-in-one solution!

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Chinese Stock Market chinese stock market indexchinese stock market todaychinese stock market chartchinese stock market hourschinese stock market etf In the short term, China is still a mess, and the reason is all but obvious. Greed and stupidity fuelled the bubble that popped back in July of this year. Some estimates put the number of individuals opening new accounts without high school diplomas at over 60%. Secondly, a large portion of these investors was playing the markets with borrowed money, otherwise known as trading on margin. Making matters worse to circumvent the limits placed by regular margin trading, many turned to the shadowy banking sector, where one could borrow up to ten times the value of one’s stock holding. When you couple Greed with stupidity, the result is always unpleasant. Since June, the Shanghai index has shed more than 40% and the government has spent over $200 billion trying to stabilise the markets. While the markets are trading off their lows, we are not sure that this money was spent wiselyContinue reading »