XML Tutorial – Intro

XML Tutorial

XML – Extensible Markup Language is a markup language similar to HTML. XML is mainly used to store and transport data. It may smells like database, but it is not. The main advantage of XML is that it is both human readable and machine readable.

The reason why i called it as human readable is that, XML don’t have any pre defined tags. All tags are user defined. In case, if we want to store student information, then we can create our own tags like student, roll no, name, age, mark, etc., this makes XML easy to understand.

Like HTML, it is easy to learn XML. Most of the peoples mistakenly consider that XML is same as HTML. But it is not. Both are completely different markup languages.

XML is everywhere. RSS works on XML. Sitemaps are made on XML. Flash animations use XML. Databases use XML. So to become a professional web developer, you must learn XML.

Lets start XML Tutorial.