JavaScript Tutorial – Intro

JavaScript Tutorial

JavsScript is the popular client side scripting language which is being used by millions of websites. JavaScript is mainly used for adding extra effects to the website. Even though we can design a complete website without using JavaScript, in current trend we can’t avoid this technology.

Photo slide show, Video players, AJAX, Drop down menus, Light box effects, Games, Form Validation, POP Up windows, etc., are made of JavaScript.

Peoples call JavaScript as toughest language. Really it is somewhat complex scripting language. To solve this complexity, lots of JavaScript libraries like jQuery, MooTools, etc., came to being. JavaScript libraries are very easy to learn and we can do almost all JavaScript effects using these libraries. But before learning libraries, I recommend you to cover this basic Tutorial, because JavaScript is the base for all these libraries.

Java and JavaScript:
I have seen lots of peoples saying that JavaScript came from Java. But it is not. Both Java and JavaScript are completely different technologies. JavaScript is used in website. Java is used for building computer application.

Important Note:
Before you learn JavaScript, you need to learn HTML and CSS.

Lets start JavaScript Programming Tutorial.