C Tutorial – Introduction

C Tutorial

C is a very popular and old programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C is mainly used for developing system software. It also been widely used for developing application software. Here you will learn basics of C Programming language.

System Software and Application Software:
There are two types of software, which are system software and application software. Operating systems are System Software. Eg: Microsoft Windows, Unix,etc., Inside Operating System, we will have lots of software for doing different tasks. Those software are called as Application software. Eg: Adobe Photoshop, Apple iTunes, etc.

C is mainly used for building system software. Most of the big operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, etc., are developed using C language. As the popularity of C got increased, it is also been used for developing application software.

Is C is easy to learn?
Yes, C is very easy to learn. Most of the peoples who enter programming field will start their programming journey with C because of its easiness. And also if you learned C, you can easily learn other programming languages on the go.

Is learning C is worth?
Yes. As I said before most of the big software giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle are using C as their main programming language. So there are lots of opportunities for C developers. It is worth to learn C.

C Basics:
1. C program need a compiler to compile and run.
2. You need to save C program as name.c.
3. Include header file before writing program.
4. Every C program should have main() function.
5. If you have problem in viewing output, then add “getch();” (without quotes) in the bottom of the program (before closing brace).

Lets start C programming tutorial.